• Photo of Kristine Joy Bacani

    Kristine Joy Bacani

    Research Project Coordinator

    Data Collection and Analysis, Qualitative Research, Postsecondary Education

  • Image of Amarachi Chuka-Maduji at her college graduation ceremony

    Amarachi Chuka-Maduji

    Research Project Assistant

    Data Collection and Analysis, Mixed-Methods Research, Homeless Research, UX Research, Accessibility and Inclusion, Addictions and Mental Health

  • Photo of Brittney Donovan

    Brittney Donovan

    Research Project Coordinator

    Program Evaluation, Qualitative Research, Food Security

  • Photo of Jimmy Green

    Jimmy Green

    Research Project Manager

    Research Design, Predictive Analysis, Data Collection and Management, Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation, Alternative Education, Career and Technical Education, Logic Models, Theories of Change

  • Image of Liana Lin

    Liana Lin

    Research Project Manager

    Data Collection and Analysis, Qualitative Research, long-term unemployment, Older Workers

  • Photo of Grace Maruska

    Grace Maruska

    Research Project Coordinator

    Project Management, Data Collection and Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Program Evaluation

  • Photo of Domonique Noel

    Domonique Noel

    Research Project Assistant

    Health Equity Research, Program Implementation and Evaluation, Community Engagement

  • Photo of Marjory Palius

    Marjory Palius, Ed.D.

    Research Project Manager

    Qualitative Research, Project Management, Program Evaluation, Grant Writing, Learning Theories and Design of Learning Environments

  • Photo of Jessica Starace

    Jessica Starace

    Survey Research Manager

    Survey Research, Data Collection and Analysis, Project Management

  • Renee Williams smiling

    Renee Williams

    Senior Project Coordinator

    Project Management, Process Improvement, Data Analytics and Insights, Survey Research, Data Collection