Mission & Vision

The Heldrich Center provides an independent source of analysis for reform and innovation in policy-making and employs cutting-edge research and evaluation methods to identify best practices in workforce development, education, and employment policy.


To raise the effectiveness of the evolving American workplace by strengthening workforce education and training, and enhancing equitable access to quality job opportunities for the unemployed and low- and moderate-income workers.

This mission embodies three activities:

  • Assessing and identifying workforce best practices
  • Empowering job seekers through technology
  • Transforming the workforce through research


The Heldrich Center shall:

  • Develop into the national leader in the use of data-informed education, training, and workforce development decision-making for policymakers and individuals at the state and national levels.
  • Produce cutting-edge generalizable research to improve education, training, and workforce development programs.
  • Become the model for integrating diverse sources of federal, state, location, and private data to inform policy.