• Photo of Carl Van Horn

    Carl Van Horn, Ph.D.

    Director & Distinguished Professor of Public Policy

    Dislocated Workers, long-term unemployment, Older Workers, Research Design, workforce policy

  • Kevin Dehmer smiling

    Kevin Dehmer

    Executive Director

    Research Design, workforce policy, Project Management, Fiscal Management, Primary and Secondary Education, Process Improvement

  • Photo of Renée Edwards smiling

    Renée Edwards

    Associate Director of Program Implementation

    Program/Policy implementation, Program/Policy Evaluation, Health Equity Research, Employer Disability Policy/Practice Research, Technology in Education, Healthcare Program/Policy Research, Qualitative Analysis

  • Photo of Laurie Harrington

    Laurie Harrington

    Assistant Director, Research and Evaluation

    Career and Education Awareness, Career and Technical Education, Disability Employment, Health Care Sector Strategies, Program Evaluation

  • Photo of Andrea Hetling

    Andrea Hetling, Ph.D.

    Professor & Associate Director

    Gender and Family Policy, housing, Qualitative Research, Statistical Research Methods, Social Policy, Inequality and Disparities