• Photo of Laurie Harrington

    Laurie Harrington

    Assistant Director, Research and Evaluation

    Career and Education Awareness, Career and Technical Education, Disability Employment, Health Care Sector Strategies, Program Evaluation

  • Photo of Maria Heidkamp

    Maria Heidkamp

    Director, Program Development

    Disability Employment, Dislocated Workers, Higher Education/Community Colleges, long-term unemployment, Older Workers, Program Evaluation, reemployment

  • Photo of Kathy Krepcio

    Kathy Krepcio

    Executive Director & Senior Researcher

    Disability Employment, Research Design, workforce policy

  • Photo of Michele Martin

    Michele Martin

    Director, Technical Assistance & Director, New Start Career Network

    Dislocated Workers, long-term unemployment, Older Workers, Youth Employment, Job Seeker Coaching, Virtual Workforce Services, Workforce Program Design

  • Photo of Sean Simone

    Sean Simone

    Director, Research and Evaluation

    Economics of Higher Education, Tuition Pricing, Student Financial Aid, Credit Transfer, Postsecondary Outcomes, Survey Designs and Complex Sampling, Uses of Administrative/Transactional Data in Research

  • Photo of Carl Van Horn

    Carl Van Horn, Ph.D.

    Director & Distinguished Professor of Public Policy

    Dislocated Workers, long-term unemployment, Older Workers, Research Design, workforce policy