Research Staff

Photo of Muazzam Toshmatova

Muazzam Toshmatova, Ph.D.

Research Staff

Postdoctoral Fellow

Intersection of Labor, Public, and Regional Economics

Muazzam Toshmatova is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Heldrich Center. She earned her doctoral degree in Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She also holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Texas A&M University. Muazzam’s research centers on the topics at the intersection of labor, public, and regional economics. 

As an empirical economist, she conducts research using tools from econometrics, quasi-experimental methods, causal inference, and computational techniques. She has examined how various disruptions to the labor market, such as immigration policies and technological change, affect individuals’ labor market outcomes. Additionally, she has been granted a U.S. Census Special Sworn Status, allowing her to conduct research utilizing microdata at the Federal Research Data Center.

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