Work Trends Surveys on the Workplace

June 9, 2015

Surveys about Americans' array of opinions and attitudes about the workplace, including job satisfaction, wellness programs, and work-life balance.

Workplace matters are timeless topics that the Heldrich Center has highlighted with the following Work Trends surveys. In American Attitudes About Work, Employers, and Government, worker attitudes toward employer/employee loyalty, overall job satisfaction, the value of education and training, and the government’s role in the workforce were explored. Next, workplace wellness programs were reviewed in Healthy At Work?, including the unequal access to these programs and views and opinions of employer-provided wellness programs. Finally, in Work and Family, an in-depth analysis of workers’ ability to balance work and family life looked at the policies made available by employers to help their employees achieve this balance and how the workers felt about the policies.


Americans' Attitudes about Work, Employers, and Government (September 1998)

Healthy at Work? Unequal Access to Employer Wellness Programs (May 2009)

Work and Family: How Employers and Workers can Strike the Balance (March 1999)

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