Work Trends Surveys on Retirement

June 9, 2015

Surveys on older Americans and retirement.

A series of Work Trends reports focused on retirement, and explored the opinions of Americans as they described their expectations of retirement as well as their views of how older workers are treated in the workforce. In Taking Stock of Retirement, workers described a workplace in which trust between employer and employee is often lacking, while employers’ views are in contrast, stating the workplace is harmonious. In Second Wind, workers expected little support or help from the government or employers in achieving a successful retirement and instead expected to work and fulfill their own personal goals while contributing to the economy and society. Nearly 70% of workers agreed they would continue to work even if they had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Work-Filled Retirement offered a perspective of what happens as the “Baby Boom” generation approaches retirement age. The majority of workers said that full- or part-time employment will be necessary or desirable when they retire, while more than a quarter still expect to devote their retirement to leisure or community service.


Work-Filled Retirement: Workers’ Changing Views on Employment and Leisure (August 2005)

Taking Stock of Retirement: How Workers and Employers Assess Pensions, Trust, and the Economy
 (May 2002)

Second Wind: Workers, Retirement, and Social Security (September 2000)

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