National Research for the EARN Network

July 11, 2011

Research projects for the Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) on Disability Inclusion

Between 2011 and 2013, the Heldrich Center worked with the Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) on Disability Inclusion to conduct three research projects.

One project reviewed the extent to which states were engaging in planning, developing, implementing, or improving activities designed to increase the number of individuals with disabilities employed in state government.

A second project reviewed how, why, and under what circumstances states were using state procurement preferences, set-asides, and incentive programs to advance socioeconomic goals for people with disabilities.

A third project looked at the extent to which community colleges across the nation were engaging with employers to expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

The research resulted in three national research products.


A Review of Community College-Employer Partnerships and Initiatives: Recommendations to Expand Opportunities for Jobs Seekers with Disabilities

Advancing Economic Opportunities for Business Owners and Job Seekers with Disabilities: A Review of State and Municipal Government Contracting Procurement and Tax Incentive Programs for Disability-Owned Businesses

States as Model Employers of People with Disabilities: A Comprehensive Review of Policies, Practices, and Strategies



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Funded By
A grant from Cornell University and the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy