Lessons from the Field: A Learning Exchange Between the State Leaders Innovation Institute and the State Peer Leaders Network Presentation (webinar)

July 1, 2012

Webinar reporting lessons learned from the NTAR Leadership Center on disability employment.

This NTAR Leadership Center webinar provided an opportunity for key stakeholders from the center's State Peer Leaders Network and State Leaders Innovation Institute to share the lessons they've learned during the course of their work. The webinar was held in July 2009 and featured presentations by Joyce Barcley, Manager of Strategic Initiatives, The WorkPlace, Inc.; Catherine Raggio, Secretary, Maryland Department of Disabilities; Kathy Sweeney, Special Projects Manager, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development; and Chris Tymniak, Director, Governor Rell’s Southwest Office, Connecticut. It was moderated by Nanette Relave, Director, Center for Workers with Disabilities.