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Case Studies of Nonprofit-Postsecondary Educational Partnerships to Help Students with Disabilities Complete Postsecondary Education and Find Employment

The Heldrich Center is currently examining colleges’ programmatic structures to support students with disabilities and the experiences of students in college programs. The study includes: interviews with students who have successfully completed an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a career certificate; site visits with colleges/universities and cross-site learning meetings; financial and service case studies of individual participants; and operational case studies of colleges and the services offered to students with disabilities. Four colleges and universities in New Jersey have been selected to represent the state’s diversity in terms of income, geography, and academic competitiveness. The study will generate actionable research findings to practitioners, public policymakers, employers, and advocates about emerging service delivery system trends, promising “transitions to work” models, as well as new and innovative service delivery practices and systems that are working to improve the employment and economic independence of individuals with disabilities.

(Funded by a grant from the New Jersey Department of Human Services Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Program)

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New Jersey Department of Human Services Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Program
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