Work Trends Surveys on Retirement and Older Workers

In 2000, 2002, and 2005, the Heldrich Center conducted three national surveys (Second Wind, Taking Stock of Retirement, and A Work-Filled Retirement) on the topic of older American workers to identify worker issues related to retirement plans, social security and pension concerns, thoughts about the economy and their future, as well as their post-retirement employment plans. The Center’s Work Trends surveys have been featured in more than 200 newspaper and broadcasts worldwide.

Work Trends Survey on Barriers to Employment for People with Disabilities – “Restricted Access”

In 2003, the Heldrich Center conducted a national survey of employers to identify barriers to hiring people with disabilities and strategies needed to increase workplace accessibility for all workers. The survey was conducted in partnership with Dr. Doug Kruse at the Program for Disability Research/Rutgers School of Labor and Management Relations and funded as part of the Center’s National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research grant with the University of Iowa. To date, the survey has been one of the most downloaded research products from the Heldrich Center’s website.

New Jersey Comprehensive Employment Systems Project

In 2008, the Heldrich Center completed work with the State of New Jersey to build a comprehensive employment infrastructure for persons with disabilities in New Jersey. Known as the Comprehensive Employment Systems project, the Center worked with state leadership, community providers, and individuals with disabilities to develop a statewide strategic plan to increase the employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities, while building on previously accomplished statewide goals.

Work Trends Survey on the Anxious American Worker

This 2008 Heldrich Center Work Trends survey examined workers' opinions of employment and the economy and found many in a state of anxiety – very concerned about jobs and feeling bleak about their economic future. The study report, The Anxious American Worker, finds that many American workers fear that their jobs will move to another country, feel undervalued and underpaid, and worry that they may never be able to retire. Overall, the survey results paint a troubling picture of economic and job insecurity, framed by worry and uncertainty over what the future holds.

GIS Regional Workforce Analysis

The Heldrich Center will perform two tasks to better understand the workforce demand and educational supply dynamics related to GIS in the southern New Jersey area. First, the Center will perform a detailed assessment of the GIS-related workforce and skill needs of employers. Second, the Center will develop a profile of existing GIS education and training activities at the community college and four-year college levels, as well as major programs at the secondary level.

Research on the Role of Expectations in Employment Success (New Jersey

In 2006, the Heldrich Center conducted exploratory research on the role of expectations — social and personal — in the employment of people with disabilities. Staff developed a literature review on the topic of expectations, conducted a focus group with people with disabilities to identify key factors that led to success in the labor market, as well as conducted a series of telephone interviews with parents of people with disabilities to determine how parental expectations are likely to affect employment outcomes.

Funded by the New Jersey Council on Development Disabilities.

Profile of the Economic Landscape and Workforce Supply of Union County, New Jersey

The Heldrich Center is working with Union County, NJ and the Union County Workforce Investment Board to produce a profile of the economic landscape of Union County based on an analysis of currently available data and interviews with key stakeholders. The Heldrich Center is identifying key trends in the local economy and key industries that drive its local and regional economy. The Heldrich Center is also profiling the characteristics of the county workforce and identifying the county's key education and training resources.

Conducted for Union County, NJ.