Strategically Virtual: The Shift Toward Virtual Interviewing and what it Means for the Public Workforce System

May 25, 2021

A new blog post examines how employers are increasingly incorporating technology tools and software into their hiring processes, including making greater use of virtual interviews to screen job applicants.

Virtual interviews are likely to remain a key part of the hiring process due to the added benefits and efficiency for employers. As job seekers more frequently encounter these virtual interviewing technologies, workforce professionals should educate themselves about how these virtual platforms and software work, and how to best prepare job seekers to be successful in using them.

In a new Medium blog post, Liana Volpe and Amanda Bombino discuss how employers are using these virtual interviewing tools and technologies, and provide suggestions for how the public workforce system can provide guidance on using these platforms. They also provide information on some of the most common virtual interviewing software programs being used today.

Volpe is a Research Project Coordinator and Bombino is a Research Intern at the Heldrich Center.