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William H. Foster

National Advisory Board

Throughout his professional life, Dr. Foster has focused on finding practical answers to the simple question; “How do individuals come to excel in what they do?”

With a Ph.D. in applied psychology, Bill has served as President and CEO of two national health organizations, as a valued consultant to private and public organizations, executive head of a congressionally convened Presidential Commission, policy advisor to a distinguished U.S. Senator, Dean of the Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Service, director of a cabinet-level state agency and held graduate faculty and executive standing at four universities, the most recent being Columbia University.

Dr. Foster’s has a breadth of executive, social science and academic experience regarding organizational leadership, operational management, applied research, program development and evaluation and public policy formulation in university, non-profit and government sector organizations, especially in regard to the human capital, health and educational sectors of society with a current focus on the impact of technology on employment and income.