Administrative & Communications Staff

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Joanne Hamza

Administrative & Communications Staff

Mentorship Program Coordinator

Education Pedagogy, Career and Education Development, Workshop Design and Facilitation, Social and Emotional Learning, Technology Integration, Cultural Competence and Diversity, Professional Development Training

Joanne Hamza brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Heldrich Center. With a strong background in education and career development, Joanne has taught in the New Jersey public school systems for seven years, teaching and creating curricula for multicultural education. Holding a Master of Arts in Teaching, Joanne has also served as the statewide trainer for the New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator, a career navigation system funded by the New Jersey Department of Education that empowers students to navigate their career pathways with confidence. Over the span of eight years, Joanne honed her skills in presentations and creating workshops, including presenting at the New Jersey Education Association’s annual convention for educators and staff.

Currently, Joanne serves as the Mentorship Program Coordinator on the Heldrich Center’s Certified Home Health Aide project in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Human Services. She is spearheading efforts to facilitate meaningful mentorship experiences for aspiring professionals in the healthcare sector. With a strong passion for empowering others to succeed, Joanne’s unique blend of educational experience, career guidance, and presentation skills, coupled with her current role as a Mentorship Program Coordinator, makes her a valuable resource in the field of workforce development