Administrative & Communications Staff

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Heather Allen

Administrative & Communications Staff

Program Coordinator

Research and Writing on Industry Trends, Program Marketing, Social Media, Employer Development, Managing Program Data and Information

Heather Allen is a Program Coordinator at the Heldrich Center where she focuses on monitoring projects and grants in the Research and Evaluation program as well as on events and communications for the center, including the New Start Career Network. Prior to this position, Heather was a Project Manager with the New Jersey Health Care Talent Network and was responsible for managing the state's Southern Region Targeted Industry Partnership. She also spent four years as the Program Manager for the New Jersey Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution Talent Network. She has worked for the School of Management and Labor Relations, the Heldrich Center, and other research centers at Rutgers for 17 years. Her expertise includes researching and writing reports on industry trends; program marketing, including social media; employer development; presentations to job seekers and employers; and managing program data and information. She has a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Developmental and Educational Psychology, both from Boston College.