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Education & Training

The Heldrich Center is partnering with Rutgers University’s Career Services office and the School of Arts and Sciences to develop a unique one-credit course pilot to help undergraduate students better align their major choice, course selection, and other college activities with their career interests and labor market realities. The course will include in-person lectures and online components, including a variety of resources made available online and assignments that lead students through online research tools.

This study includes an overview of the graduation rates and college engineering program dynamics for engineering, including an analysis by discipline. The analysis provides background information on trends in the supply of new engineers to the labor market over the past three decades. It identifies forces shaping the demand for engineers over the past three decades, including fluctuations in government demand, skill-biased technological change, the demand for engineers in non-engineering occupations (particularly management), and replacement demand.

Since 2004, the Heldrich Center and Verizon New Jersey have jointly created industry-education alliances to educate New Jersey students, parents, educators, and school counselors about promising career options and the skills needed to work in today's labor market. A Career Connections Steering Committee was convened and includes the state's top business, education, and school counseling organizations as well as the New Jersey Department of Education.

From 2009 to 2011, the Heldrich Center evaluated the Stay-in-Step Academy, which sought to improve the noncognitive skills of black males at Essex County College. The program’s goal was to boost students’ motivation, their sense of self-efficacy, and other attitudes associated with positive academic and life outcomes. The Center conducted a process evaluation of the program’s implementation based on surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

The Heldrich Center is evaluating four diverse initiatives at Essex County College in New Jersey that are funded as part of its PBI formula grant: recitation sections for math, a learning community in English and math for remedial students, instruction of professors in how to use computer software to improve instruction in mathematics, and a college preparatory program for individuals who have dropped out of high school. For the mathematics recitation, the Center is conducting a quasi-experimental evaluation of the effect of the recitation on student grades and retention in college.