Research Products

Work Trends Reports


Examines employers’ views on people with disabilities in the workplace, providing accommodation for disabled workers, and policy strategies needed to increase workplace accessibility for all workers and job seekers.


Explores views of the nation’s workers and employers on the collapse of Enron, its impact on trust in the workplace, and policy strategies needed to increase pension and retirement security.


Explores the implications of a recession economy and terrorist-related events of 2001 and what they mean for the nation’s employers.


Captures and analyzes workers’ views on job security, job satisfaction, job prospects, the importance of economic indicators, and the direction of Federal policy in a time of rapid transformation in the economy and workforce.


Discusses the views of American workers on the right time for retirement, fulfilling personal goals in retirement, financial planning, and lack of support from government or employers in surmounting the barriers they face to their vision of a successful retirement.