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Work Trends Reports


Investigates the state of deep distress American workers are experiencing due to the economic downturn and how it affects their lives. Also explores workers’ concerns about the unemployment rate, job security, high rate of layoffs, economic depression, disruption in the workplace due to layoffs, and balance of work and family priorities.


Examines the overall disquiet about the economy held by American workers, depicts anxious workers trying to adjust to change in their current jobs and uncertainty about their future work life, and expresses workers’ feelings about being underpaid and unable to adequately prepare for retirement.


Examines American workers’ expectations to continue to work full- or part-time jobs following retirement as well as their perceptions of how older workers are treated in the workplace. Also discusses concerns about the financial soundness of private sector pension plans, Social Security, and Medicare.


Analyzes data collected two months before the 2004 presidential election expressing American workers’ concern about the state of the economy and their place within it as well as the importance


An in-depth look at the experiences of laid-off workers and employers and their different perceptions of factors such as indicators of economic health, unemployment rates, job security, job outsourcing, and post-employment assistance.