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Reviews recent federal, national, regional, and local efforts to nurture community college partnerships with employers. Considers whether people with disabilities have been included in ongoing community college-employer partnership efforts and whether these types of partnerships have been incorporated into current disability employment initiatives. 


Highlights the key findings from the Heldrich Center’s effort to document the experiences of older and younger American workers during the worst labor market in a generation.


Examines facilities, track, and road maintenance occupations in the public transportation industry. Provides job duties, qualifications, salary ranges, and alternate job titles.


Explores data collected from focus groups to determine client satisfaction, understand client expectations, assess strengths and weaknesses, measure satisfaction of career counselors, obtain client feedback, and understand ways to improve the September 11th Fund’s Employment Assistance Program.


This webinar took place in August 2008 and featured presentations by Robert B. Nicholas, Ph.D., Senior Visiting Fellow for Disability Research, John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development; Jack Quigley, Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Project Manager, Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services; and Dr. Joseph Ashley, Assistant Commissioner, Grants & Special Programs, Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services. It was moderated by Nanette Relave, Director, State Peer Leaders Network, NTAR Leadership Center, Director, Center for Workers with Disabilities.