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This webinar took place in February 2012 and featured a presentation by Lisa Stern of Stern Consulting LLC.


On October 11, the Heldrich Center hosted a presentation by Michigan's first Chief Workforce Officer Andy Levin. Mr. Levin's remarks on Facing Down the Great Recession described how his state responded to unemployment rates in excess of 14% through its "No Worker Left Behind " training initiative. This summary of the program highlights Michigan's success in retraining more than 150,000 Michigan workers while giving adult education and literacy a central role in state job creation efforts.


This webinar took place in September 2011 and featured presentations by Cori DiBiase, Aperio Consulting Group and David Hoff, Institute for Community Inclusion.


This webinar took place in June 2011 and featured presentations by Cori DiBiase, Principal, Aperio Consulting Group and Sheila Fesko, Ph.D., Institute for Community Inclusion.


Summarizes the discussions at and recommendations from a December 2010 roundtable on developing an action strategy that addresses the disability implications of the aging U.S. workforce.