Evaluation, Management, & Employment

Evaluations of workforce development and education programs

The Heldrich Center has been designing and conducting evaluations of workforce development and education programs since its founding in 1997. These in-depth evaluations provide recommendations for performance improvement strategies and are designed to enhance program effectiveness. The Center’s evaluations are grounded in an understanding of a program’s core objectives, use cutting-edge methods, and provide ongoing feedback for program staff to improve program processes and outcomes. Examples include evaluations of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grants at Camden County College and Raritan Valley Community College.

The Heldrich Center features an experienced evaluation team trained in a variety of disciplines, including economics, organizational psychology, sociology, political science, and public policy. Evaluators are well versed in customized mixed methods, calculating student outcomes, and comparison group analysis.



    • 2002-2003 Progress Report: Solutions at Work

      Oct 07, 2003

      Demonstrates the successes made possible by the Heldrich Center’s commitment to delivering impeccably researched and effective solutions during the first five years and provides case studies, illustrations, and descriptions of the Center's key priorities and projects.

    • 2006 New Jersey Employer Survey: Results, and Highlights - Press Release

      Sep 04, 2006

      Provides an overview of results from a survey of 300 New Jersey employers, showing top concerns of workforce quality as well as hiring and retaining qualified applicants for the second year in a row.

    • 2012 Annual Report

      Aug 06, 2013

      Reflects on the achievements and accomplishments of the Heldrich Center in 2012, with a focus on the Center's core research priorities: work trends and economic analysis; evaluation, management, and employment; disability employment; reemployment; and industry, education, and employment.

    • AFTERSHOCK: Serving 9/11 Displaced Workers

      Nov 22, 2004

      Examines the proceedings from a symposium held to provide an overview of the September 11th Fund’s Employment Assistance Program, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, hear from national workforce experts on the program’s impact, as well as identify key lessons learned for future workforce policy.

    • American Public and the Next Social Contract, Appendix 1: Sources and Data Collection

      Mar 03, 2008

      Sources and data collection appendix for The American Public and the Next Social Contract.