Disability Employment

Research on trends and practices in hiring and retaining people with disabilities

Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, policymakers, organizations, and advocates, along with the business community, have worked to give people with disabilities an expanded role in the workforce. Traditionally, policy and research efforts have focused on better informing and preparing people with disabilities for the workplace. Recently, interest has shifted toward understanding the needs, issues, and cultures of businesses employing individuals with disabilities.

The Heldrich Center conducts in-depth research on trends and practices in hiring and retaining people with disabilities. Projects focus on increasing employment and economic independence of adults with disabilities, guidance for individuals with disabilities and their parents/caregivers, employers interested in putting people with disabilities to work, as well as evaluations of programs and policies designed for disability employment.



    • 2012 Annual Report

      Aug 06, 2013

      Reflects on the achievements and accomplishments of the Heldrich Center in 2012, with a focus on the Center's core research priorities: work trends and economic analysis; evaluation, management, and employment; disability employment; reemployment; and industry, education, and employment.

    • Aging Workforce: Challenges for the Health Care Industry Workforce

      Apr 01, 2013

      Identifies promising strategies from January 2012 symposium and offers some encouraging and notable examples from the participants that policymakers and employers could pursue to address the challenges of an aging health care workforce.

    • Aging Workforce: The Role of Medical Professionals in Helping Older Workers and Workers with Disabilities to Stay at Work or Return to Work and Remain Employed

      Apr 01, 2013

      Reviews highlights of a September 2012 symposium and discusses several promising strategies and actionable recommendations for helping older workers and workers with disabilities to return to work or stay at work.

    • April 24, 2013 Newsletter

      Apr 24, 2013

      This issue reports on DiscoverAbility NJ, an effort to help the employment prospects of individuals with disabilities in New Jersey.

    • Attitudes and Beliefs of Job Development Professionals toward Employers

      Sep 07, 2011

      Explores the attitudes and beliefs of job development professionals toward employers. Finds that length of service in the profession affected job developer attitudes and beliefs.