• March 24, 2014 Newsletter

      Mar 27, 2014

      This issue profiles Robert L. Lattimer, senior fellow for diversity studies at the Heldrich Center. He discusses the Heldrich Center's annual forum on workforce diversity and his appointment as a visiting scholar at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

    • March 14, 2014 Newsletter

      Mar 14, 2014

      This issue examines upcoming presentations on community colleges and the labor market, the Heldrich Center's development of a labor market alignment framework, and information about the Center's capacity to conduct evaluations.

    • March 6, 2014 Newsletter

      Mar 06, 2014

      This issue features an interview with Dr. William F. Mabe, director of research and evaluation at the Heldrich Center. He discusses one of the Center’s newest projects, the Workforce Data Quality Initiative, which seeks to bring together data from various state agencies and programs to support high-quality data analysis that benefits policymakers and job seekers.

    • February 18, 2014 Newsletter

      Feb 18, 2014

      This issue features a Q&A with Heldrich Center project manager Charyl Yarbrough about her professional background, current projects, and the research evaluation process.

    • February 6, 2014 Newsletter

      Feb 06, 2014

      This issue highlights Carl Van Horn's participation in a White House forum on long-term unemployment. Included are selected publications by Center researchers on the subject of long-term unemployment.

    • January 15, 2014 Newsletter

      Jan 15, 2014

      This issue highlights two new reports on disability employment that were written by researchers from the Heldrich Center: States as Model Employers of People with Disabilities: A Comprehensive Review of Policies, Practices, and Strategies by Kathy Krepcio and Savannah Barnett, and Advancing Economic Opportunities for Business Owners and Job Seekers with Disabilities: A Review of State and Municipal Government Contracting Procurement and

    • November 21, 2013 Newsletter

      Nov 21, 2013

      This issue of The Heldrich Center Workforce Advisor focuses on Hal Salzman's participation in a Congressional Briefing, new appointments for Michlle Van Noy, and a Q&A with Laurie Harrington.

    • November 12, 2013 Newsletter

      Nov 13, 2013

      This issue of The Heldrich Center Workforce Advisor discusses Kathy Krepcio's presentations at forums in Kentucky and Mississippi, and Carl Van Horn's appointment as a visiting non-resident scholar at the Federal Reserve System.

    • October 23, 2013 Newsletter

      Oct 24, 2013

      This issue of The Heldrich Center Workforce Advisor reports on Carl Van Horn's appearance on BlogTalkRadio, Kathy Krepcio's interview on NPR's On Point, and Krepcio's presentation at the National Governors Association’s Human Services Advisors Policy Institute.

    • September 11, 2013 Newsletter

      Sep 11, 2013

      This issue previews Carl Van Horn's appearance on Blog Talk Radio's Workforce Central where he will discuss the long-term unemployed and how to ensure that graduating high school and college students have the skills they need to enter the workforce.