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Talent Network Project to Align Community College Programs with Labor Market Needs in New Jersey’s Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution (TLD) and Health Care Sectors

The Talent Network projects are designed to improve connections among employers, job seekers, and education and workforce providers to ensure the delivery of a skilled workforce for key industries. As part of this work, the Heldrich Center worked with several New Jersey community colleges to use labor market information and other industry intelligence to better inform students about career prospects and to improve the alignment of degree and course content with industry skill needs. This project involve dpresenting labor market information on the TLD and health care sectors to community college students at multiple points in their college experience to enhance their decision-making and to help them better understand the relevance that the credentials they are seeking have in the local labor market. Labor market and education data, along with employer input, were also used to identify and address key curricular gaps and to create stackable credentials that respond to the skill needs of industry and the needs of students for flexible, career-oriented education that results in the acquisition of multiple credentials along the pathway to a degree. This project also involved building stronger relationships between career services offices and educators at community colleges to establish clearer connections for students between career planning and course selection to enable students to acquire an educational experience that more closely reflects their academic and career goals. (Funded by a grant from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development)

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