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Study of the Workforce Needs of the New Jersey Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industry

From 2006 to 2007, the Heldrich Center conducted research on the workforce needs of New Jersey’s pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, in a project for the HealthCare Institute of New Jersey (HINJ) and their member companies. HINJ conducted a web-based survey of 15 pharmaceutical and medical device companies that employ a total of 38,000 people in the State of New Jersey. The survey requested information on employment by functional area, occupational title, educational level, and degree. Data were collected on number of employees, job openings, recent hiring, and employment projections. HINJ member companies were also asked to assess the difficulty of hiring specific occupations and degrees, using a low-medium-high scale. Data on graduates of New Jersey degree programs from the New Jersey Commission for Higher Education were assembled to provide a basis of comparison for workforce supply. The Heldrich Center analyzed the survey results and conducted structured interviews with human resources managers at HINJ member companies to profile the skill and educational requirements of high demand occupations. (Funded by a grant from the HealthCare Institute of New Jersey and its member companies)

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HealthCare Institute of New Jersey and its member companies
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