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Ready for the Job: A Profile of New Jersey Industry, 2002-2006

New Jersey's Economic Growth Strategy, released in fall 2006, identified a series of steps the state will take to build a world-class workforce. To support this effort, the Heldrich Center was commissioned to conduct research on the workforce needs of the state's key industries: biopharmaceuticals, finance, and information/communications. This research, guided by newly created Industry Workforce Advisory Groups, used an analysis of all available data and extensive interviews with employers to determine the current and future workforce needs of the state's industries, identify the skills needed by industries, identify regional concentrations of workforce needs, and identify workforce challenges faced by the industries. Also as part of this research, the Heldrich Center updating previously completed research on the workforce and skill needs of the construction and hospitality industries and conducted research on the skill requirements of telecommuting and home-based businesses.

Conducted for the New State Employment and Training Commission and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

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