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Evaluation of Registered Apprenticeship Programs

The Heldrich Center worked closely with Mathematica and the Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore to conduct a quasi-experimental evaluation of the effect of participating in a registered apprenticeship program on employment outcomes. Working with New Jersey state administrative data, Heldrich Center researchers used social security numbers of individuals who participated in registered apprenticeship programs in New Jersey and matched them to state administrative unemployment insurance (UI) wage records to calculate employment rates and average earnings for these individuals for up to 12 quarters before they first participated in a registered apprenticeship, while they participated in it, and for up to 12 quarters after they exited the apprenticeship. Center researchers also used a probabilistic matching technique to create a comparison group of individuals who received other forms of training and used appropriate statistical methods to calculate the differences in earnings between the two groups. (Funded by a grant from Mathematica and the U.S. Department of Labor)

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Mathematica and the U.S. Department of Labor
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