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Evaluation of the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey's (BIANJ) Collaborative Approach for Vocational Services for People with Brain Injuries

Between 2007 and 2009, the Heldrich Center worked with the BIANJ and its partners to evaluate a pilot service delivery model that addresses the unique needs of people with brain injuries and improves their potential for a positive return to work. This model, established as part of their "Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Brain Injuries" program, was evaluated by Heldrich Center researchers to inform the development of three additional project partner collaboratives. The Center's initial evaluation activities looked to assess the strengths and weakness of the existing model and make recommendations for its improvement. This information was used to improve the model as well as inform the development of new collaboratives within New Jersey. Later evaluation efforts included measuring the effectiveness of its model toward moving individuals with brain injuries to employment. (Funded by the Kessler Foundation through a grant to the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey)

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brain injury
employment outcomes