Research on the Role of Expectations in Employment Success (New Jersey

In 2006, the Heldrich Center conducted exploratory research on the role of expectations — social and personal — in the employment of people with disabilities. Staff developed a literature review on the topic of expectations, conducted a focus group with people with disabilities to identify key factors that led to success in the labor market, as well as conducted a series of telephone interviews with parents of people with disabilities to determine how parental expectations are likely to affect employment outcomes.

Funded by the New Jersey Council on Development Disabilities.

Profile of the Economic Landscape and Workforce Supply of Union County, New Jersey

The Heldrich Center is working with Union County, NJ and the Union County Workforce Investment Board to produce a profile of the economic landscape of Union County based on an analysis of currently available data and interviews with key stakeholders. The Heldrich Center is identifying key trends in the local economy and key industries that drive its local and regional economy. The Heldrich Center is also profiling the characteristics of the county workforce and identifying the county's key education and training resources.

Conducted for Union County, NJ.

Development of a New Jersey Business Leadership Network

In 2006, the Heldrich Center worked with the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and the State of New Jersey to establish a Business Leadership Network in New Jersey. A Business Leadership Network is a business-led and business-driven organization that assists employers with recruitment and retention of people with disabilities. In September 2006, the Heldrich Center organized a core group of interested employers to establish a permanent Business Leadership Network within the state. The Henry H.

Development of a Comprehensive Guide about Employment for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Heldrich Center worked with Autism New Jersey to help adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) better prepare to enter and thrive in the work world. The project developed a guide that offers useful and clear information about the New Jersey labor market and where jobs are expected to grow; provides information about New Jersey-based resources available to help job seekers look for work that best suits their strengths, aspirations, and needs; and what public and private benefits and resources are available to help maintain employment.

Labor Transition in the Coal Sector in Russia, Poland, and Hungary

As part of its assistance to transition economies in Southeastern Europe, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) requested research on countries in Central and Eastern Europe that had experience with restructuring their coal sectors. The Heldrich Center, through an agreement with Worldwide Strategies, Inc., conducted research on the employment impacts of coal sector restructuring in Russia, Poland, and Hungary.

Evaluation of NJIT's EmployME! Program

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) recently launched, through support from the Henry H. Kessler Foundation, an innovative and collaborative demonstration program to address the workforce challenges of the disabled population while responding to job needs in the information technology and information services labor market. The program offers high-quality training and job placement to individuals with physical disabilities, as well as sensory and cognitive disabilities, residing in Essex County, New Jersey for jobs in the information technology field.

Evaluation of New Jersey Parent Education Information Resource Centers

The Heldrich Center is conducting a five-year project to evaluate the effect of programs intended to increase parental involvement in New Jersey's low-income schools. The research team will employ an array of methodologies, including site visits to study school districts, analysis of program data, telephone surveys of parents, and surveys of district and school personnel to determine how well the programs might be strengthened.