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Evaluation of the PepsiCo Achieving Change Together (ACT) Employment Innovation Initiative

Friday, December 11, 2015

Through a contract with the Kessler Foundation and the Poses Foundation, the Heldrich Center is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the Achieving Change Together (ACT) Employment Innovation Initiative, a corporate disability and inclusion project designed to increase the number of qualified employees with disabilities working for PepsiCo, and to improve their employment outcomes and career experiences. With assistance from the national not-for-profit Ability Beyond, Inc., PepsiCo is implementing the ACT Initiative in eight pilot sites across the country, with specific components of the model replicated at each site. These components are designed to improve the application, screening, ranking, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes as well as retention at PepsiCo. The Heldrich Center is undertaking a process evaluation of the program and collecting data through employee and hiring manager surveys and interviews with program operators as well as an analysis of participant data collected by Ability Beyond. (Funded by a grant from the Kessler Foundation)

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Laurie Harrington