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The Ready for the Job Initiative

From 2001 to 2009, through a statewide effort led by the State Employment and Training Commission, the Heldrich Center profiled the key occupational and skill needs of over a dozen industries and areas of work in New Jersey and provided recommendations for workforce and education providers to better align their services with industry workforce needs. In industries ranging from biopharma and finance, to construction, retail, hospitality, and transportation, logistics, and distribution, as well as others, researchers worked with state officials to review labor market information and to convene industry workforce advisory groups to better understand the changing skill and workforce needs of employers in industries central to the state’s economic success. The Heldrich Center created a series of industry reports for the Ready for the Job project that were designed to inform workforce and education stakeholders about emerging skill needs and to provide practical advice regarding aligning education and training efforts with these needs. (Funded by a grant from the New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission)

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