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DiscoverAbility, New Jersey’s Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Disability Employment Project

The Heldrich Center worked closely with the State of New Jersey to complete various tasks related to the state’s Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG) program. In 2008, the Heldrich Center worked with the state to undertake and complete its first strategic plan to increase the employment of persons with disability entitled "DiscoverAbility: New Jersey's Strategic Plan to Create a Comprehensive Employment System for People with Disabilities." In 2009, the Heldrich Center worked with the state to design a ‘data dashboard’ using state administrative data to track progress on employment opportunities for adults and youth with disabilities into employment through major state and federal programs. For the period of 2010 - 2012, the Heldrich Center co-managed the Medicaid infrastructure grant to its conclusion in 2012. Activities included: working with the State of New Jersey to conduct a leadership support program; establish and implement a series of online trainings and in-person regional learning networks for community based providers, local workforce investment boards, and One-Stop Career Centers; support the development and maintenance of the state’s disability benefits planning website (DB101); conduct applied research on various topics related to disability employment including the areas of transportation, effective service delivery systems, and employer partnerships; and provide staff support to the State DiscoverAbility Leadership Team.

(Funded by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services through the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Disability Services)


New Jersey’s Strategic Plan to Create a Comprehensive Employment System for People with Disabilities

DiscoverAbility Dashboard 2008: Employment of People with Disabilities

Connecting to Jobs By Connecting to Transit: Final Report

A Strategy for Getting People with Disabilities to Work: Supporting New Jersey County Transportation, Final Report

DiscoverAbility NJ – New Jersey’s Strategic Plan to Create a Comprehensive Employment System for People with Disabilities: Final Public Progress Report

Job Developer Types, Placement Practices, and Outcomes

Strategies Used by Employment Service Providers in the Job Development Process: Are they Consistent with What Employers Want?

Attitudes and Beliefs of Job Development Professionals toward Employers


Introduction to Employment Networks Webinar - Presentation

Cleaning Up Your Digital Dirt Webinar - Presentation

Using Social Media in the Job Search Webinar - Presentation

Using LinkedIn for Branding Webinar - Presentation

Job Leads Webinar - Presentation

Disclosure Webinar - Presentation

Cover Letters, Thank You Notes Webinar - Presentation

Interviewing Webinar - Presentation

Role of Public Transportation as a Job Access Mode Webinar - Presentation

Employment Service Provider Attitudes Toward Providers Webinar - Presentation

Job Development Practices: Are They What Employers Want? Webinar - Presentation

Social Entrepreneurship Webinar - Presentation

Microenterprises Webinar - Presentation

Asset-Based Coaching Webinar - Presentation








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