Heldrich Center Director Carl Van Horn recently commented on the disconnect between positive economic trends and the way individual people feel about the economy in a segment for NPR’s Marketplace that discusses economic anxiety. Read the article here.
Carl Van Horn recently participated in the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting in Atlanta, Georgia where he announced the Heldrich Center’s Commitment to Action to help address the problem of long-term unemployment, both in New Jersey and nationwide.
The Heldrich Center for Workforce Development is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin McCabe to its national advisory board.
Maria Heidkamp and Carl Van Horn recently were invited to participate in the U.S.-EU Roundtable on Addressing Long-term Unemployment, hosted by senior officials of the U.S. Department of Labor, the European Commission, and White House staff. Representatives from the governments of Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom described programs that are being implemented to serve long-term unemployed workers in their countries.    
A recent Wall Street Journal article examines the enduring impacts of the Great Recession, including lower wages, long-term unemployment, underemployment, reduced savings, and psychological ramifications. The article cites Heldrich Center research about the causes of high unemployment. Read the article.