Maria Heidkamp Addresses Long-Term Unemployment

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Senior researcher Maria Heidkamp spoke on long-term unemployment at the kickoff meeting of a new advocacy initiative called Work4Nonprofits, held at the Washington, DC offices of Nonprofit HR on October 21, 2014. Work4Nonprofits is a national movement devoted to exploring the role that the nonprofit sector can play in addressing long-term unemployment, with a goal of hiring 100,000 job seekers who are long-term unemployed by 2020. Heidkamp shared findings from the Heldrich Center’s recent Work Trends report Left Behind: The Long-term Unemployed Struggle in an Improving Economy and from a forthcoming paper Heidkamp, Carl Van Horn, and Kathy Krepcio co-authored for AARP on education and training for older job seekers. Invited participants included representatives from the National Urban League, Goodwill Industries International, Accenture, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, National Human Services Assembly, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Volunteers for America, and the American Society for Association Executives. 

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